Z I Z I K I   B R E A D   pita broiled with cheese and herbs; served with Ziziki sauce.  6

M E D I T E R R A N E A N   B R E A D  pita topped with Feta, tomatoes, olive oil and basil.  6.5

S P A N A K O P I T A   fillo dough stuffed with creamy spinach, sweet onions and Feta.  8 / 16

D O L M A D E S   grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice; topped with Ziziki sauce.  8

K E F T E D E S  country-style Greek lamb meatballs; served on a plum tomato sauce.  8

C A L A M A R I   lightly sautéed with olive oil, white wine and lemon.  12

L A M B    L O L I – P O P S   two chops seasoned and grilled.  15

A R T I C H O K E   D I P  &  P I T A  a Greek hummus of  artichokes, garlic, lemon; warm pita bread.  10

T R I O   O F  D I P S   artichoke hummus, spicy hipiti and Ziziki dip; warm pita bread.  12

T H E   G R E E K   B O A R D
Sopressata, Gin & Juice Lamb Salami, French Feta, Manchego Cheese,
Dolmades, Artichoke Dip, Crostini, seasonal accompaniments.  18


Z I Z I K I ’ S    our signature salad topped with French feta and Kalamata olives.  9.5

G R E E K   [no lettuce]  a traditional Greek salad topped with olive oil and Ziziki spices.  9.5

C H I C K E N   topped with skewers of herbed breast of chicken.  16.5

L A M B   topped with sliced free-range Australian marinated leg of lamb.  17.5

S A L M O N   skewered and grilled “sushi-grade” filet of salmon.  18.5

S H R I M P   marinated  and grilled with olive oil and herbs.  18.5

S O U V L A K I S [skewers] …

C H I C K E N   herbed chicken breast, handmade pita, sweet red onions, Ziziki sauce, roasted new potatoes.  16

L A M B   free-range Australian leg of lamb, handmade pita, sweet red onions, Ziziki sauce, roasted new potatoes.  18

V E G G I E   zucchini, artichokes, tomatoes, onion and red potatoes, handmade pita, red onions, Ziziki sauce.  15

S A L M O N   grilled “sushi-grade” medallions of salmon filet, traditional garnishes.  19

S H R I M P   grilled jumbo shrimp, Feta, sweet red onions, basil, twin sauces.  19.5

G R E C I A N   C H I C K E N   pan-seared herbed chicken breast, garlic, mushrooms, roasted potatoes.   19

P A S T I C H I O   our Greek lasagna with layers of lamb, macaroni, tomatoes and béchamel.   17

M O U S A K A   eggplant and seasoned lamb layered with béchamel and herbed potatoes.    18

S L I C E D   L E G   O F  L A M B   G Y R O   free-range lamb on grilled pita, onions, Ziziki sauce, potatoes  17.5

G R E E K   P A E L L A   lamb chop, roasted chicken, shrimp, organic sausage, curried orzo.  26

S A L M O N   F I L E T   seasoned and grilled, Mediterranean cous cous, roasted tomato sauce, grilled asparagus.  25

R A C K   O F   L A M B   three chops served with a mushroom sauce & herbed mashed potatoes.  28

 C O C K T A I L S


Prosecco, St-Germain, Candied
Orange Peel. 10

Ketel One Citroen, Triple Sec,
Peach Nectar, Peach Schnapps.  12

Makers Mark, Bitters, Ouzo, Orange Twist.  12


Bombay Gin, Cucumber, Fresh
Thyme, Lemon, Club Soda.  12

Metaxa 7 Star, Cointreau, Lemon
Juice, Cinnamon Sugar Rim.  12

Moscofilero, St-Germain,
Lemon Juice. 10


Substitute Ziziki Salad, Grilled Asparagus or Sautéed Veggies $3   Splits …$3.   17% gratuity to parties of 6 or more.

We accept AMEX, VISA or MasterCard.  17% gratuity to parties of 6 or more.