Dallas Best Greek Gyro Dishes

Sometimes, you get a food in your head and you just can’t rest until you have it. We’ve heard that a time or two about some of our wonderful dishes at Ziziki’s. We’ve been serving locals and tourists alike for more than 20 years. We know how much customers love our original dishes, made with only the freshest ingredients. That’s why we can say we have Dallas best Greek baklava and Dallas best Greek souvlaki.


Dallas Best Greek Gyro Dishes
Do you have a favorite dish at Ziziki’s? Maybe it’s our Dallas best Greek gyro dishes. A lot of our customers are pleased that we offer so many delectable lamb dishes. Others appreciate the Italian influences that are evident in some of our salads, entrees, and desserts. We believe we have the best Greek souvlaki in Dallas TX. These skewers are available with lamb, chicken, shrimp, salmon, or vegetables.

Some of the other favorites at Ziziki’s are our best Greek baklava in Dallas TX. This homemade dessert is sumptuous and over-the-top. The layers of puff pastry are wonderfully light, but the filling is simply too delicious for words.

A lot of people immediately identify gyros as Greek food. There’s much more to Ziziki’s than our gyro, but many people will tell you that we have Dallas best Greek gyro dishes, too.


Ziziki’s Specials
Every weekend, we have a buffet brunch with an incredible selection of the best Greek gyro dishes in Dallas TX. All our lamb dishes are available, either on the buffet or off the menu. Our extensive wine list might leave you a bit speechless, but our servers are ready to help you. On Monday and Tuesday, stop by to enjoy half priced select wines and you can enjoy Happy Hour with half priced appetizers.


Come See Why We Are One of Dallas’ Best Restaurants
If you are ready to enjoy Dallas best Greek gyro dishes, baklava or souvlaki, stop by Ziziki’s. You may call ahead for reservations at either location at 469-232-9922 or 214-521-2233.