Dallas Business Lunch Restaurants

Even though you’ve only got one hour to get away from the office, it is possible to have a wonderful meal. When scrolling through your list of Dallas business lunch restaurants you can stop looking once your see Ziziki’s. In 2015 we were included in the top 10 Best Business Lunch restaurants in Dallas TX by Zagat. Come and check us out for yourself.


Best Lunch Meeting Restaurants in Dallas TX
At Ziziki’s we are proud of our rich Mediterranean heritage and our ability to provide the food we love to our customers every single day. We are at the top of the list for Dallas business lunch restaurants because morning, noon and night we are thinking of new ways to improve the experience for our customers.

  • Private Spaces – Depending on the size of the group or the nature of your meeting our Dallas business lunch restaurants can accommodate your group with privacy. Reserve yourself a spot in one of our recently renovated private and semi-private spaces in the restaurants.
  • Beautiful Patio – Be sure to catch a breath of fresh air on the days that you can. Imagine a business lunch meeting in Dallas TX sitting among beautiful flowers, the sun dancing on your shoulders and the sound of trickling water behind you. No matter what the subject of the meeting, you’ll be able to take it on head first.
  • Catering Options – Bring one of the best Dallas lunch meeting restaurants to wherever you are. We are proud to provide lunch, or dinner catering on site for meetings and gatherings.


Call Ahead to Reserve a Seat
We know that finding lunch meeting restaurants in Dallas TX can be a hassle. Ziziki’s is well known for providing quick service and perfect environment for a Dallas business lunch meeting. Call the restaurant closest to your office to set your space aside.