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Vegetarian Options Available.

Gluten-free Pita Available.


CALAMARI sautéed crispy, white wine, lemon, olive oil 12

LAMB LOLI–POPS two grilled lamb rack chops, wild cremini mushroom sauce 15

TRIO OF DIPS artichoke hummus, spicy hipiti, spinach feta dip, warm pita bread 14

FLAMING SAGANAKI lightly floured kasseri cheese served flaming hot 12

ARTICHOKE DIP & PITA Greek hummus of artichokes, garlic, pita 11

GOAT CHEESE CAKES warm panko crusted goat cheese cakes, crostini, dips 11

SPANAKOPITA phyllo dough stuffed with creamy spinach, sweet onions, feta 9/16

DOLMADES traditional grape leaves stuffed with seasoned rice, Ziziki sauce 8.5

KEFTEDES country-style Greek lamb meatballs, plum tomato sauce 8.5

ZIZIKI BREAD pita broiled with cheese, herbs, Ziziki sauce 7.5

Artisanal locally sourced cheeses and charcuterie meats, dolmades, artichoke hummus, crostini, specialty jams, mustards 19


ZIZIKI’S mixed field greens, romaine salad, fresh feta, kalamata olives 9

GREEK tomato, olives, cucumber, onion, roasted garlic, feta (no lettuce) 9.5

AVGOLEMONO Greek lemon soup served with choice of chicken or meatballs 9

LAMB Ziziki’s salad topped with hand sliced free-range Australian leg of lamb 19

SHRIMP Ziziki’s salad topped with marinated, grilled jumbo shrimp, olive oil, herbs 20

AHI TUNA skewered, grilled sushi-grade medallions of tuna 22

SALMON Ziziki’s salad topped with skewered, grilled sushi-grade fillet of salmon 20.5

CHICKEN Ziziki’s salad topped with Greek herbed all-natural chicken breast 17.5


LAMB BURGER free range lamb, Greek spices, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, Ziziki sauce 18

SLICED LEG OF LAMB GYRO free-range lamb on pita, onions, Ziziki sauce, potatoes 19

CHICKEN BREAST GYRO chicken breast, grilled pita, onions, Ziziki sauce, potatoes 17

SOUVLAKIS add Ziziki’s Salad with any entrée 5.5
Served with handmade pita, herb roasted potatoes, Greek basil, Ziziki sauce, sweet red onions

LAMB free-range Australian lamb, hand cut every day 19

SALMON grilled sushi-grade medallions of daily fresh salmon fillet 20

SHRIMP grilled jumbo shrimp, feta, herb tomato, basil, tomato sauce 21

AHI TUNA skewered, grilled sushi-grade medallions of tuna 22

CHICKEN Greek herbed all-natural chicken breast 17.5

VEGGIE mushrooms, zucchini, artichokes, tomatoes, onion 16


slow-cooked bone-in, Greek spices, red wine reduction, mashed potatoes

spanakopita, pastichio, chicken or lamb souvlaki, Mediterranean garnish

three chops, wild mushroom sauce, asparagus, mashed potatoes


add Ziziki’s Salad with entrée 5.5
SALMON FILLET grilled salmon, Mediterranean couscous, garlic green beans 26

GREEK PAELLA lamb chop, grilled chicken, shrimp, natural sausage, curried orzo 27

MAHI-MAHI pistachio crusted Mahi fillet, basil-mint reduction, feta, orzo risotto, beans 28

GRECIAN CHICKEN pan-seared herbed chicken breast, garlic, mushrooms, potatoes 19

PASTICHIO Greek lasagna with layers of lamb, macaroni, tomatoes, béchamel 18

MOUSAKA seasoned lamb layered with béchamel, eggplant, herbed potatoes 19

VEGETARIAN PLATTER roasted tomato, spanakopita, veggie skewer, quinoa 16

Menus may vary slightly at some locations. Prices are subject to change.
18% gratuity to parties of 6 or more.
Consuming raw or undercooked meats, or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.