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Frisco Best Greek Gyro Dishes

Welcome to Ziziki’s, where we preserve some of the richest Greek culinary traditions to offer our guests a taste of the Mediterranean, complete with Frisco best Greek gyro dishes.

Greek food is known for its focus on sun, water and earth. This means plenty of fruits, vegetables and a hearty helping of various herbs and spices are implemented to produce rich flavors that you simply won’t find in many other types of food. Plus, it’s very nutritional.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Greek food, or it’s quickly become one of your favorites, Ziziki’s has something on our menu for you — from our best Greek Souvlaki in Frisco TX to several lamb dishes.

Explore three popular, traditional dishes

When it comes to Greek food, even those that aren’t completely savvy about the culture usually come to expect some of the following popular dishes.

  • Gyros: Ziziki’s offers the best Greek gyro dishes in Frisco TX. We offer a leg of lamb gyro that is tenderly cooked in our traditional vertical skewer and cured with rich Greek spices. Known for some of the Frisco best Greek gyro dishes, this has become a favorite among guests.
  • Souvlaki: Hands down, Ziziki’s provides the Frisco best Greek souvlaki that you will find. Our selection is extensive — skewers of lamb, shrimps, salmon, ahi tuna, chicken and even strictly veggies. These skewers are also loaded with herb roasted potatoes, Greek basil, Ziziki sauce and sweet red onions with a side of a handmade pita, making it truly the best Greek souvlaki in Frisco TX.
  • The best Greek baklava in Frisco TX: Baklava is a fitting dessert for a Greek-inspired meal. This rich filo dough is loaded with crushed nuts and bound together with honey — providing the Frisco best Greek baklava that is a treat for essentially any occasion.

Our menu only goes on from there — featuring additional Greek inspired dishes and more neutral foods, such as the salmon fillet, mahi-mahi and more.

Try the Frisco best Greek gyro dishes and much more by visiting Ziziki’s!