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Frisco Business Lunch Restaurants

What do you think of when you picture one of the ideal Frisco business lunch restaurants? It’s probably somewhere with memorable food, helpful, but non-invasive service, and a relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

These characteristics, and more, are what make Ziziki’s one of the premier lunch meeting restaurants in Frisco TX. Whether you are looking to impress a client with a unique dining experience or you simply have to talk shop with a co-worker over some cocktails, Ziziki’s has you covered.

Take care of that Frisco business lunch meeting at Ziziki’s

Ziziki’s offers a fine-dining experience that doesn’t come with the bloated check at the end of the meal. This is partly what makes us one of the best business lunch restaurants in Frisco TX — you can impress clients with high-end, Greek inspired food that let’s them know they’re worth a good meal.

We also cover the needs of those who are looking for Frisco lunch meeting restaurants that offer private dining areas. Ziziki’s has a private dining room that is available upon demand and can accommodate larger groups.

Flavorful food for your business lunch meeting in Frisco TX

A huge part of what makes great Frisco business lunch restaurants is the quality of food. Ziziki’s keeps alive the rich culinary tradition of the Greek culture, offering popular dishes such a gyros, a wide range of Souvlaki skewers, rack of lamb and more.

These are typical Greek foods — heavy on herbs and spices that provide for the unique and bold flavors. We also carry a wide range of Greek wines in addition to domestic and imported beers and specialty cocktails.

Reserve your spot at one of the best lunch meeting restaurants in Frisco TX

A lot of business gets done over a meal and Ziziki’s wants to facilitate such productivity for our guests. Dine with Ziziki’s and see why we are considered one of the best Frisco business lunch restaurants.