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Frisco Greek Mediterranean Outdoor Dining

Enjoy unmatched Dallas Greek patio dining by joining the dedicated staff at Ziziki’s. We provide our guests with an extensive menu centered on home style Greek dishes and food.

Our food is a break from the norm — American fare and American takes on Italian and Asian cuisines that can be found almost anywhere. And, with our Mediterranean outdoor dining in Dallas TX, we offer a thrilling dining experience that puts you outside under the expanses of the open sky.

Experience awakening flavors with our Dallas Greek food outdoor dining

At Ziziki’s, we provide all the staples of a hearty Greek-style menu. This includes such Greek delights as various salads (with plenty of oil, olives and other vegetables), Dolmades, Spanakopita, Keftedes and a wide range of Souvlakis.

You can also enjoy some of the area’s best Gyros along with our Dallas Mediterranean food patio dining.

Take in the flavors and nutritional benefits of Greek food

Greek food holds close to the values of land, sun and water. This means Greek cuisine is filled with grains, fruits, vegetables, spices and more. When you choose Dallas Greek patio dining with Ziziki’s, you receive steady doses of such elements in your dishes.

Use your Mediterranean outdoor dining in Dallas TX to enjoy some Mousaka, a classic Greek dish containing eggplant and seasoned lamb layered with béchamel and herbed potatoes. Or, try one of our many Souvlaki skewers — everything from lamb, shrimp and chicken to salmon and ahi tuna to make for special patio outdoor dining in Dallas TX.

Experience truly memorable Greek patio dining in Dallas TX with Ziziki’s

At Ziziki’s, we love the opportunity to introduce Greek food to those who have not been exposed to it. For those seeking out this brand of coveted Mediterranean food, we deliver all the dishes and flavors that you are looking for.

Take in the sights and sounds around our quaint restaurant setting by making a reservation with Ziziki’s and enjoy our Dallas Greek patio dining.