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Frisco Mediterranean Fish Dishes

Welcome to Ziziki’s, where we provide a number of Frisco Mediterranean fish dishes on our Greek-inspired menu. Here at Ziziki’s, we use sushi-grade seafood and incorporate it generously throughout our menu.

Even though we are an establishment that focuses on Greek food, not all patrons have a palate for the traditional Greek herbs, spices and flavors. Our Frisco fresh seafood selection tends to even out our food offering so that guests with all different preferences can find something they enjoy on our menu.

Explore our Mediterranean fish dishes in Frisco TX

Fresh seafood is incorporated in all the meals that we serve — brunch, lunch and dinner. The following are some of the Frisco Mediterranean fish dishes that have proven to be favorites amongst our guests. They include:

  • Salmon Carpaccio: This is house-smoked salmon served with capers, onions and pita and it serves as an excellent appetizer.
  • Various salads: We incorporate Frisco fresh seafood in many of our salads. This includes shrimp, salmon and ahi tuna.
  • Souvlaki skewers: Ziziki’s offers an extensive selection of Souvlakis — chunks of succulent meat served on skewers with a variety of seasoned vegetables. We have shrimp, salmon and ahi tuna Souvlaki for your seafood selection.
  • Salmon and Sea Bass fillets: Seafood can make its way to your main course with our salmon and sea ball fillets. Both are grilled to perfection.

Seafood is a fairly neutral food that many people love, which is why we incorporate it on our menu at Ziziki’s. As an authentic Greek restaurant, we make sure to put the signature Mediterranean spin on our seafood in order to keep the ancient culinary traditions alive.

We invite you to come join us at Ziziki’s and try our Frisco Mediterranean fish dishes for yourself. Call us to make a reservation for brunch, lunch, dinner or even a private dining experience.