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Frisco Unlimited Mimosa Brunch

For great food with even greater people, try the Frisco Greek weekend buffet by Ziziki’s. More and more people are hearing about our weekend brunches, which provide guests the opportunity to pay one flat fee and be treated to an all-you-can-eat-and-drink experience.

Some people know it as our unlimited mimosa brunch in Frisco TX, but we’ll tell you more about that later. We first want to invite you and your friends or family to join us on the weekend to get acquainted with our unique, Greek-inspired menu and savor some of the time-honored flavors and dishes from the Greek culture.

With our Frisco unlimited Greek buffet, you get:

  • A made to order omelet, which is essentially a staple for brunch. These omelets can be enhanced with a number of fixings.
  • It’s not known as our Frisco unlimited mimosa brunch for nothing. We have an endless supply of refreshing mimosas chilled and ready for you — whether you want one or four!
  • All-you-can-eat brunch buffet. This Greek weekend buffet in Frisco TX features some of what you will find on our menu every day of the week. Our Frisco Greek weekend buffet is loaded with food like chicken and lamb Souvlaki, artichoke hummus dip, grilled pita bread, Spanakopita and Greek yogurt. However, it’s not all Greek-inspired. This unlimited Greek buffet in Frisco TX also features classics like buttermilk pancakes, granola, bagels with cream cheese and more.

Our unlimited mimosa brunch in Frisco TX is most definitely a cure for the common, boring brunch and we want to host you, your friends and your family.

Join us for our next Frisco Greek weekend buffet by contacting our restaurant and securing your reservation with our staff. We look forward to hosting you and your party!