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Plano Best Authentic Greek Food Restaurants

Hailed as one of the best Greek food restaurants near Plano TX, Ziziki’s is proud to bring Mediterranean food alive for our guests.

Whether you already know and love Greek food, or want to embark on a different and unique culinary adventure, we invite you and your guests to pull up a chair and enjoy some truly memorable authentic Greek dining near Plano TX.

Preserving heritage with the best authentic Greek meals near Plano TX

At Ziziki’s, we stay true to the traditional Greek culinary culture and practices that has made this a truly unique and special family of food. Greek food is known to be healthy, nutritional and heavy on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs and spices.

The best Greek dining near Plano TX is the kind that includes dishes that are steeped in Greek tradition. These include things like:

  • Our leg of lamb gyro and other gyro dishes put to use this ancient cooking method where meat is roasted on a vertical skewer and pieces are shaved off and served on flatbread with an abundance fixings.
  • Souvlaki skewers. Authentic Greek restaurants near Plano TX need to offer Souvlaki — a portable and fast way to consume a variety of meat (i.e. lamb, shrimp, ahi tuna, etc.) along with seasoned vegetables.
  • Lamb dishes. As one of the best Greek food restaurants near Plano TX, you will find no shortage of lamb on our menu — from our rack of lamb to our lamb burgers.
  • When you’re partaking in authentic Greek dining near Plano TX, dessert means Baklava. This is dough that is loaded with nuts and held together by honey or syrup. At Ziziki’s, we offers Baklava ice cream cake, our special Ya Ya Baklava and more.

There aren’t many authentic Greek restaurants near Plano TX, which is why Ziziki’s stands as one of the most unique and popular fine dining experiences for local guests.

Go with one of the best Greek food restaurants near Plano TX by dining with Ziziki’s for lunch, brunch, dinner or join us for happy hour!