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Plano Best Greek Gyro Dishes

Are you looking for the Plano best Greek gyro dishes? When it comes to Greek food, there are few more traditional items than the gyro.

The concept of grilling various types of meat on a vertical skewer and shaving it off to be placed on a flatbread wrap dates back to the mid-1880s in Greece. Here at Ziziki’s, we keep this rich history alive with some of the best Greek gyro dishes in Plano TX.

Our sliced leg of lamb gyro is a guest favorite. Made with free-range lamb, grilled pita, onions, potatoes and our special Ziziki sauce, both existing fans of Greek food and newcomers have come to hail it as one of the Plano best Greek gyro dishes available.

We also offer some of the best Greek Souvlaki in Plano TX

This is another dish that is steeped in Greek tradition. Considered to be the Grecian form of fast good, Souvlaki consists of small chunks of meat on a skewer, often with various seasoned vegetables placed in between.

Being the home to the Plano best Greek Souvlaki, Ziziki’s offers a wide range Souvlaki skewers, including:

  • Lamb
  • Shrimp
  • Chicken
  • Salmon
  • Ahi tuna
  • Veggies

This best Greek Souvlaki in Plano TX is served with a handmade pita, herb roasted potatoes, Greek basil, sweet red onion and Ziziki sauce.

Don’t forget dessert — Plano best Greek Baklava

Traditional Greek desserts like Baklava are light and ultra satisfying. We offer some of the best Greek Baklava in Plano TX, comprised of beautiful, flakey filo dough and filled with walnuts and our special syrup. Our Baklava Ice Cream Cake is also a real crowd pleaser.

These are just a few of the treasures that Ziziki’s has available for our guests. Whether you want to experience the Plano best Greek gyro dishes, or something else, we encourage you contact our team and make a reservation to dine with us!