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Plano Classic Greek Food Restaurant

Explore the finest in Plano classic Greek food by visiting a locally treasured, high-end establishment that will satisfy a diverse range of cravings. “Finding great Plano Greek food near me” can be a challenge — how do you know which restaurant has the right fit for your taste preferences?

Ziziki’s is, and continues to be, a restaurant of choice for a wide range of couples, families and business associates throughout the Plano area. When you are thinking, “Where is the best Greek restaurant near me in Plano TX?” now you have an answer — and you can always rely on us to deliver the high-quality service and flavors you demand.

A heralded source for Plano classic Greek food

What makes the best classic Greek food in Plano TX? A restaurant that offers you the high-end dining experience you want while still providing you with the traditional tastes you love.

When you are wondering about Plano Greek food near me, you know you can rely on Ziziki’s. We make the classic dishes you love, with an updated twist. Treat yourself to the best Greek food near me in Plano TX, which includes:

  • Spanikopita, made of hearty phyllo and featuring the best quality feta
  • Sushi-grade tuna and salmon — some of the best seafood around
  • Souvlaki made with juicy chicken and lamb
  • Stuffed grape leaves
  • Exceptional craft cocktails
  • Luscious desserts with honey and tempting cinnamon

When you are looking for the right Plano Greek restaurant near me for a delicious meal with your family, friends or business associates, you should rely on Ziziki’s.

No other restaurant delivers the same Plano classic Greek food in a crisp, fresh environment that suits everyone’s tastes. Contact us today to set up your private dining experience, business dinner, special event or holiday meal. We can’t wait to serve you the best Mediterranean meal of your life.