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Plano High End Lamb Dishes

If you’re craving the bounty of a Plano lamb dishes restaurant, then you are welcome at the table here at Ziziki’s. Holding true to the most time-honored Greek culinary traditions, we provide a variety of lamb meals in Plano TX.

When many people think about Greek food, they think about lamb as the primary meat utilized in dishes. While chicken and a variety of seafood are used in our dishes, our menu boasts Plano high end lamb dishes that puts this protein to great use.

Visit our renowned lamb dishes restaurant in Plano TX

You’re not going to be able to walk into just any restaurant and find Plano lamb meals on the menu. Even some of the restaurants that do utilize this special meat don’t always do it justice.

With Ziziki’s, our high end lamb dishes in Plano TX will transform you to the dinner tables of old-style Greece, where family and friends came together to chomp into heavily seasoned and succulent lamb.

At our Plano lamb dishes restaurant, you can bring lamb to your meal in a number of ways, including:

  • Lamb salad
  • Lamb loli-pops
  • Leg of lamb Souvlaki skewers
  • Lamb shank
  • Rack of lamb
  • Lamb burger
  • Sliced leg of lamb gyro

It’s no mystery — we go heavy on lamb meals in Plano TX because we know how versatile this meat is and how important it is to capture the true essence of Greek food. Whether you have never tried lamb before, or are a huge fan, we invite you to visit with Ziziki’s and try lamb like you have never tried it before.

Make reservations to dine with us

We’re known around town as a Plano lamb dishes restaurant that delivers great food and a truly fine dining experience. Contact our staff and reserve a table with us in the near future.