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If you’re on the hunt for a Frisco lamb dishes restaurant, then you simply have to go Greek. The Greek cuisine implements a number of different types of meats, but lamb is the most traditional.

In fact, this tradition stems all the way back into the Biblical times when they would roast a lamb for Easter and other important occasions. Here at Ziziki’s, we can introduce you to some delicious lamb meals in Frisco TX that hold tight to these time-honored traditions.

Explore our Frisco high end lamb dishes

Lamb has a consistent presence on our menu – as it should with any authentic Greek restaurant. The following are some of our favorite Frisco lamb meals.

  • Lamb loli-pops: You can even get your meal started with lamb as your appetizer. Our lamb loli-pops consist of lamb rack chops that are both seasoned and grilled.
  • Lamb Souvlaki: These high end lamb dishes in Frisco TX are quick and casual to eat. Our Souvlaki consists of free range Australian leg of lamb on skewers with seasoned vegetables and served with a pita, onions, Ziziki sauce and potatoes.
  • Lamb Shank: As an honored Frisco lamb dishes restaurant, we put lamb on full display with this dish. It’s a slow-cooked and prepared bone-in. The lamb is seasoned with traditional Greek spices.
  • Leg of lamb gyro: Lamb and gyros are both strong Greek traditions. With these lamb meals in Frisco TX, the lamb is grilled on a vertical skewer and seasoned with spices. It’s then shaved off and placed on a flatbread wrap for one of the best gyros you will find in this area.

Stop your search for a quality lamb dishes restaurant in Frisco TX — Ziziki’s proudly features this delicious, tender meat in a number of our dishes and authentic Greek food fans will truly enjoy this culinary experience.

See why Ziziki’s is revered as a leading Frisco lamb dishes restaurant by making your reservation with our staff.