University Park Best Greek Gyro Dishes

What is your favorite Greek food? Is it the sweet baklava? Perhaps it’s the savory souvlaki. No matter what it is, you can likely find it Ziziki’s. We offer the best Greek souvlaki in University Park TX. However, we also think that we have the best Greek baklava in University Park TX, too. What the best way for you to decide? Come in and give them a try yourself!


University Park Best Greek Gyro Dishes
One of our customers’ favorites is our gyro dishes. They think we have the best Greek gyro dishes in University Park TX. We do, too. It’s sliced leg of free-range lamb on a grilled pita. It’s served with onions, our famous Ziziki sauce and potatoes. If that doesn’t interest you, what about the following?

  • Free-range lamb burger.
  • Moussaka
  • Pastichio
  • Rack of lamb.
  • Lamb, salmon, chicken, shrimp, veggie and keftedes souvlakis.

We’re sure you’re getting hungry now. In addition to an incredible wine list, we also have several specialty drinks that will go terrifically with half price appetizers during Happy Hour. If you’re spending part of your weekend with us, our buffet brunch features all of your favorites, including University Parks best Greek souvlaki and unlimited mimosas. Of course, our buffet wouldn’t be complete without University Park best Greek baklava!

Our customers love the variety of lamb dishes we serve, both for lunch and dinner. From our free-range Australian leg of lamb to lamb shank and rack of lamb, you can enjoy these dishes that are prepared with only the freshest ingredients. Don’t forget to try the Mousaka, which is layers of lamb and eggplant, layered with herb potatoes and Bechamel sauce.


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For over 20 years, we’ve served our customers University Park best Greek gyro dishes. With fantastic reviews and many accolades, we are proud of our business and our reputation. Call us to make a reservation — 469-232-9922 or 214-521-2233.